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risquexd's Journal

Risque xD

My Life as a Gyaru ♥I lead a very busy life.The things and people I love.
March 19. 80's Kid. Pisces. Only Child. Big Family. Born in Mexico City. Living in Seattle, WA. Rokku & Onee Style. Creator of STATUS Gal Circle. STATUS Magazine. STATUS Television. STATUS Radio. Rocker. Very Girly. J-Magazine Collector. Photographer. Designer. Gamer Chick. Music Connoisseur. Restaurant Connoisseur. Adventurous. Avid Learner.
♥ School & Education. Japanese Culture. Photography. Arts & Crafts. Language Study (Various). Aspiring World Traveler. Aspring Distance Learner. Beginner Dancer (Hip Hop, etc). Movies. Music. Shopping.
Japanese Rock / Pop / Urban / R&B / Dance Music. Para Para. Spanish Rock / Pop. Music Festivals. Concerts. Seattle Bumbershoot. Warped Tour. Vive Latino. Telehit TV. Photoshop. Paint Shop Pro. Ipod. Technology. Italian Cuisine. Friends. Boyfriend ♥. Reminiscing. 80's Pop / New Wave. Old School Hip Hop. Hairstyling. Make up. Gyaru!
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